Monday, February 28, 2011

Amateur hour

I've been a bit depressed lately, so when my brain suddenly kicked into gear last night with a burst of creativity, I had to let it run its course. The result was some sections of rhyme that I would personally hesitate to call poetry on account of the fact that I would feel very silly if I did.

Here they are.
1. The Italian (a limerick)
The story of old Berlusconi
Regards a man who screwed young women only
With his lad in his hand
Barely able to stand
And supported each side by a croney

2. The Cockroach (to the tune of Twinkle Tinkle Little Star)

Little creature scurrying
How I find you annoying
Down around the skirting boards
With your offspring, endless hoards
Little creature scurrying
Hope you find the bait tempting

3. The Hipster
You think it's 'cause I hate you
That I'm cynical and snide
You think I don't respect you
When your interests I deride
Psychologically I'm different
More intellectually fit
This band I've found
Is underground
I doubt you've heard of it.

4. Headlights
Near Derry far
Away a car
With prisoner inside
Swerves to miss
The sheep with which
It'd otherwise collide
The blurring scree
And suddenly
Mere seconds left to think
A cold dark night
Don't fear the light
See car in river sink.

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