Monday, December 24, 2012

Dream: In which I pass the Slayer test. (undated)

There was some kind of terror attack being planned against the Hogwarts Express and I was one of a crack team of operatives assigned to stop it - but first I had to get there. It was a tricky journey using the train line and along the way, it was revealed that I was one of the newly activated Slayers from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. There were many of us in the world now and it was imperative that I find the others. \

We were on a road, driving along in a car. The grass on either side was very green and there were one or two trees here and there. I got out. I walked down a path through the park until the trees thinned and the ground gave way to sand. I was in the desert from 'Restless', the season four finale, the desert of the mind where the First Slayer lives, and I was alone. I had to walk through the desert by myself, and only after that would I be allowed to be called by my real name.

It was hot and I wasn't wearing any shoes but the sand did not burn my feet and with a great deal of perseverance, I made out of the desert, through the scraggly woods and brush and finally back to the park, dragging a sun-bleached tree branch behind me and now an official Slayer. Zoe Thompsett* was in the car and she called out my name - “Nikki!” I got in and off we went.

 There was a strange black and orange animal that was perched on top of a statue. It looked like a kangaroo crossed with a fruit bat but my guide told me that it was a fox. It was swooping down at us with great, terrifying leathery wings. We shot it down. Turns out there was a bounty on each so-called "fox" killed, by order of the Queen. Her Majesty the Queen was there and was able to clarify the point. I made to toss the carcass in the boot of the car but decided against it in the end. The animal had changed now and was no longer dead. It was now a small, furry, red and white stoat, which I decided to hold in my arms while we drove. As we drove through the country side and down Collins St near my flat in Alexandria, the stoat became agitated and started clawing and biting at my hands. It held on to my index finger with both paws and chomped down on it very hard.

 I was reunited with the other Slayers, my new sisters, while I changed my clothes into a purple evening dress so we could get onto the Hogwarts Express undetected. At the last minute, I decided to add a dark olive-green army vest to the outfit. The effect was reminiscent of Alice from 'Resident Evil'. I'd walked through the desert and was ready to go.

 * Zoe Thompsett - a friend with whom I attended both primary school and high school.

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