Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dream: Discovery and betrayal

I had a couple of nightmares last night. 

In one - not the one where Hilary Clinton hunted a group of Marines and me with a sniper rifle and not the one where the White Witch was literally tearing strips of flesh from my back and forcing me to sew them back on here and there, crooked and painful - I was trapped on an island, like in 'Survivor'. 

 There was no food and we hadn't eaten for three weeks. As a last-ditch effort to find sustenance, we fashioned a net and cast it into the dark water, where if you looked down from a great height, you could see pale, white alien squid-like creatures. They were frightening. We caught one and almost lost one of our number dragging it out of the water. It felt like the other contestants and I were meddling in something we oughtn't, but we had no real choice and there was a sense of inevitability about it - like this was what we were supposed to figure out on our own as part of the game. 

We cut the animal's head open and where the meat was supposed to be there was instead a box. I opened the box - or maybe ate the box; it's not clear - and fell down a deep and terrifying pit.  When I surfaced, it was dark and time had... passed. I was all alone and had this message to give, except I couldn't speak it clearly; I could only stutter. It was dark and cold and I needed a friend to come and get me. I called my friend, telling her I needed help. She couldn't understand me over the phone. She said she was tired and hung up.

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